36 Best Super Useful and Free AMP Features Examples for 2018

Responsive AMP Header Template

AMP Header

Here, you can find an impressive AMP Header element. This specific element can certainly help you to apply a mobile-friendly header into your web site. Likewise, it is totally free and all ready for handling.

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Free AMP Menu Demo

AMP Menu

Utilize this straightforward and useful AMP Menu element if you intend to get your internet site functioning speedier on mobile devices. Develop a working navigating menu in a matter of mins.

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Free AMP Footer Example

AMP Footer

AMP Footer is, certainly, most perfect cost-free and standard instrument that you can utilize in case you like to create your website even more efficient, appealing and mobile.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Map Demo


Get this absolutely functional AMP Map Element right now and implement it to your web site. Create a map element to show your company to the target market and examine its efficient helpfulness and responsiveness.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Video Example

AMP Video

AMP Video is definitely a superb option for internet site creators who would like to build a undoubtedly modern and captivating internet site, and also effective and quick on mobile systems. Use AMP Video element to fulfill these particular goals and don't concern ever again around the rate of internet site loading on the mobile phones.

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Responsive AMP Image Example

AMP Image

Operating these particular spectacular AMP Image templates will allow you to insert various images on your web site without losing of swiftness of your internet site loading. Produce impressive illustration demonstrations and get even more clients to your mobile-friendly web-site.

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Responsive AMP Article Demo

Operate these incredible AMP Article web theme in case you intending to post a great sum of informational text web content with your customers and also you intend to deliver for them a easy access and fast loading on the mobile devices.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Navigation Template

AMP Navigation

If you require to generate a smart, quick and also mobile-friendly site navigation menu on your website, then we advise you explore this multi-functional and totally free AMP Navigation component.

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Free AMP Basic Template Example

AMP Basic

AMP Basic Design template is the most suitable and some of the absolute most basic device for making an awesome and quick site menu. Download and examine here and now.

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Free AMP Portfolio Example

AMP Portfolio

Allow us to demonstrate you this awesome AMP Portfolio template. This template can surely be utilized to show your expert services and/or business. Moreover, the template is completely free for any type of utilization and mobile-friendly.

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Responsive AMP eCommerce Example

AMP eCommerce

AMP eCommerce design template is the most recommended selection for developing a pretty good looking and operating web based shop which will definitely do the work perfectly on the smart phones and also on all of the other platforms. You can certainly try this design template in practice without any buying.

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Responsive AMP One Page Example

AMP One Page

Every time you are building a landing web page it is definitely critical to, firstly, create it useful, with no any problems and, a 2nd critical thing to do is to comply this particular website for mobile platforms . To make your landing webpage quick and usable on all of the mobile tools work with this AMP One Page Example.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Layout Example

AMP Layout

Please, do not hesitate to utilize this handy AMP Layout example to spot its awesome features. Using AMP you will enhance the loading rate of your site on all the mobile phone gadgets.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Landing page Template

AMP Landing page

In case you wish for your target viewers to work with your brand and boost the quality of your projects, then you must, first, enhance the rate of your web pages. AMP Landing page template presents an excellent method for you to offer customers a quicker practical experience in all of the means-- on ads, landing pages as well as more impressive web site.

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Mobile-friendly AMP Website Builder - Templates

AMP Website Builder

Look at this page for excellent, mobile-friendly and definitely free of cost AMP templates. Presented samples are greatly beautiful and useful , they really help you with customising your website for mobile products conditions and providing information about your service with the viewers.

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Responsive AMP Header Demos

AMP Header

Here, we've got for you interesting and responsive AMP headers that you have the ability to set up and insert on your websites with no complications. These types of headers are established in a very special way - all of them are really compact and are going to save speed of internet site loading on any sort of mechanism.

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Free AMP Images & Videos Examples

AMP Images & Videos

Featuring amazing media material on the site is always have its impact on the website functionality and productivity. However all of these light, mobile-friendly and effective AMP Images & Videos are the most suitable choice to handle the problem of the slow web-site webpages. All of the web templates are actually responsive and available for application and will unquestionably appear cool on any sort of machine and resolution.

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Mobile AMP Testimonials & Info Demos

AMP Testimonials & Info

Utilize this AMP feedback forms design template on your website pages to get testimonials and opinions from your happy users. Each of them are user-friendly - it is not requires any technical skills and you can personalize it as you want. With this AMP Testimonials, you will safe loading rate and functioning of the mobile phone version of your web site.

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Responsive AMP Features Examples

AMP Features

Websites and advertisings set up employing the AMP form, granting its users a smooth and a lot more engaging experience on mobile devices and also on the desktop. Publishers and advertisers are absolutely free to select just how to propose their content and what modern technology to employ.

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Responsive AMP Articles Examples

AMP Articles

Right here you can easily observe one more simple AMP design template which can possibly be operated for blogging web site. AMP Article design template handles all current gadgets and it is undoubtedly fully responsive, free and basic for application even when you are not actually a pro programmer.

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Free AMP Maps & Social Demos

AMP Maps & Social

Assuming that you have a thriving and developing organisation you might actually would like to help make it even bigger through sharing some related information about it in social media systems and with introducing its dislocation on your business website. If so, then this one ready-made, cost-free and mobile-friendly map & social design template will, certainly, support you with this.

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Responsive AMP Footers Demos

AMP Footers

Footer is definitely an essential part of a web page, which is actually an awesome area to share with your target audience some valuable information which include contacts, social web links of your company , and various other things. This is simply the reason why we want to present you all these wonderful AMP Footer design templates, which can absolutely be utilized just as a personalized block for any type of internet site of yours.

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Mobile AMP Extension - Demos

AMP Extension

On this particular web page you will certainly spot all of the given here templates. Feel free to apply them just as you like to.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Headers Demos

Black AMP Headers

Black AMP is undoubtedly an extremely unique template, built upon the AMP site creator technology. Right below, you can easily get an outstanding AMP Header element. This specific component can absolutely help you to apply a mobile-friendly headers in to your website.

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Responsive Black AMP Sliders Examples

Black AMP Sliders

In some cases a straightforward photo gallery is not sufficient - you wish to establish an attractive and great performance using your media content. In this manner, Black AMP sliders can absolutely assist you to establish such performance, which is not simply practical but at the same time does not get your webpages become massive and lagging.

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Mobile Black AMP Images & Videos Examples

Black AMP Images & Videos

With Black AMP design template you will be able to fit in the web pages of your internet site any images and video recordings you want. A fantastic advantage is that this function likewise sustained on any mobile gadget.

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Responsive Black AMP Features Templates

Black AMP Features

Black AMP extension doesn't demand any coding or programming knowledge. Each of the components and features are customisable and are able to be added to any area of the web page.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Articles Templates

Black AMP Article

If you have a web blog or aiming to make one you might probably be interested to check out this free of charge design template. It is attractive, responsive, mobile-friendly and in addition is quite easy to use, even if you are certainly not a professional with websites building.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Teams Demo

Black AMP Teams

It is not really a secret that awesome items are in most cases built by not simply just one individual, however, with the team of pros. In case you are having this sort of company and like to present these proficient people to your customers we intend to advise you Black AMP teams design template, which helps you to fulfill such kind of work.

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Mobile Black AMP Toggles & Tabs Templates

Black AMP Toggles & Tabs

Toggles and tabs are truly important whenever you would like to display on your website different detailed information regarding your products and services or perhaps simply just want to post some vital info. Demonstrated here template is fantastic for this goal of yours, and, needless to say, it is absolutely free and all ready for application.

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Free Black AMP Testimonials Demos

Black AMP Testimonials

Many people, essentially, wishes to know what exactly other people thinking of them. This sentence relates to business too. To analyze the response and feedback from your clients on the outcomes of your labor take these free and basic comment templates.

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Free Black AMP Info & Social Demos

Black AMP Info & Social

Social media systems these days are extremely considerable aspect of our lifestyle. Each day more and more men and women are employing them for various goals and it would certainly be silly to not employ social networking useful resources for perfecting your internet site and making it much more well-liked. And right here you are able to employ Black AMP Social design template which is actually a truly convenient solution for social aspect of your site.

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Maps Demos

Black AMP Maps

Get this totally reliable AMP Map Attribute right now and apply it to your site. Set up a map element to present your company to the target audience and test its efficient value and responsiveness.

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Mobile Black AMP Forms Examples

Black AMP Forms

Black AMP Form template is actually a compact , convenient to customize to your very own needs, and, just what is significant, it operates beautifully on pretty much any device. A perfect choice for your internet site .

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Mobile-friendly Black AMP Footers Demos

Black AMP Footers

Black AMP Footer template is, undoubtedly, most optimal free and helpful device which you are able to apply in the event you desire to make your website much more practical, appealing and mobile.

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Free Black AMP Examples

Black AMP extension

Stick to this hyperlink to check out all of the introduced at this page web templates of Black AMP extension. Everything is completely free and uncomplicated to work with.

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